We aim to raise awareness of sentencing matters and increase community understanding of the criminal justice system.

Judge for Yourself community sessions

Do you have a strong opinion about Queensland’s sentencing process and the sentences given by our judges and magistrates?

We are now running free face-to-face sessions based on our Judge for Yourself interactive program to help you better understand the complexities of sentencing in Queensland.

Sentencing Seminar Series

The Sentencing Seminar Series gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the sentencing process in Queensland, nationally and internationally.

These free events are aimed at people working in, or interested in, the criminal justice system.

The series is being hosted by ABC Radio presenter Steve Austin. Each seminar is being headlined by one of more guest speakers.

Registrations are available for in-person attendance and via live web streaming. A recording of each seminar will also be published on this website after the event.

Lawyers who attend the seminars will be able to use their attendance towards their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

Previous seminars

Seminar 2—Shaping the sentencing agenda: The role of sentencing advisory councils in policy debate and development

Discover what role and influence Australian sentencing advisory councils play in bridging the gap between the community, the courts and governments. Presented by Victorian and Tasmanian Sentencing Advisory Council chair Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg.

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Seminar 1—Evidence-based sentencing

Find out  how former California Supreme Court Judge Peggy Hora’s work in the area of ‘problem solving courts’ has contributed to a new genre of justice—therapeutic jurisprudence.

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