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The Kids in Court report examines courts data for cases involving children sentenced in Queensland between July 2005 and June 2019.

It examines trends and patterns in the sentencing of children in Queensland and provides insights into the sentencing of children across the state.

Our research found:

  • 31,859 unique children were sentenced in Queensland across 92,999 cases
  • the rate of children sentenced in court decreased by over 30%
  • the vast majority of cases were committed by boys (75.2%)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children comprised of 44.6% of sentenced cases for children
  • close to half of sentenced cases involved theft offences (43.8%), followed by public order (26.9%) and unlawful entry (24.0%)
  • half of sentenced children were repeat offenders (50.7%)
  • a reprimand was the most common penalty in the Magistrates Courts (29.8%)
  • probation was the most common penalty in the higher courts (39.6%)
  • more than half of children sentenced to detention received an order less than 6 months (51.3%).

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Technical paper

Our technical paper explains important terminology, data sources, counting rules and methodologies for our research publications.
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