Judge for Yourself

Enter our virtual courtroom - Judge for Yourself

Think sentencing is simple?

Every week in Queensland, our courts sentence people who have broken the law. But do you really understand what that means?

Judge for Yourself gives you the chance to hear the facts of a real court case and pass sentence on the offender.

Cases include dangerous driving causing death, assault occasioning bodily harm and drug trafficking.

Enter our virtual courtroom. Decide the sentence. Judge for Yourself.

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Judge for Yourself

Community Judge for Yourself sessions

We offer free, interactive Judge for Yourself sessions to Queensland students and community members within a two-hour drive of Brisbane (or online) — providing a valuable and authentic insight into the criminal justice system and the complex task of sentencing offenders.

Our sessions are designed to show Queenslanders there’s more to sentencing than is often shown in their favourite crime show or the nightly news bulletin.

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Judge for Yourself teaching resources

Our Judge for Yourself workbooks step teachers through running an interactive Judge for Yourself session over two lessons.