We've put together a range of sentencing resources aimed at high school and university students, as well as community organisations.

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Judge for Yourself

Judge for Yourself gives participants the opportunity to walk in the judge's shoes and 'sentence' an offender.

These Judge for Yourself workbooks will step you through running an interactive Judge for Yourself session over two sessions.

Each workbook includes learning exercises that focus on key curriculum areas.

You can also book a free Judge for Yourself session to be held at your school or organisation. We can deliver this online or in person if you are within a 2-hour drive of Brisbane City.


A selection of videos explaining the roles of different people in courts system, myth busting common misunderstandings about sentencing, and explaining some of the sentencing terms used in courts.

  • George’s story – the real-life story of a 15-year-old boy unwittingly caught up in sexting

What happens after you’ve been charged with an offence? Our Sentencing Explained videos explain! Learn more about common sentencing terms and what they mean through these short animations.

  • Sentencing explained - what happens after you’ve been charged with an offence.
  • Bail what happens when someone is granted bail and what it means.
  • Conditional release order: for children - what happens when someone is given a conditional release order and what it means.
  • Suspended sentence - what happens when someone is given a suspended sentence and what it means.
  • Probation - what does probation mean and what happens if someone is given it.
  • Remand - what is remand and what it means.

For more information about sentencing, visit our comprehensive sentencing resources here.

You can find more information about the sentencing of children here. You can also find more information about young people and justice system on the Queensland Government’s Your rights, crime and the law website.

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