Sentencing sexual violence

We have been asked to review how sexual assault and rape offences are sentenced.

This Terms of Reference document explains what we will review in detail.

This work is part of a wider review that also asks us to review an aspect of domestic violence sentencing.

What we will review

We will look at the types of sentences a court can give to a person who commits rape or sexual assault, and when they can be used.

We will look at how courts sentence rape and sexual assault now and whether sentences have changed over time.

We will also find out if the community thinks current sentencing for rape and sexual assault reflect the seriousness of this offending or should change.

Next steps

We will soon call for preliminary feedback to assist in identifying key issues to be explored.

Key dates

We will deliver our final report to the Attorney-General by 16 September 2024.

Supporting information

Terms of reference

Sentencing spotlight on rape

Sentencing spotlight on stalking