Sentencing sexual and domestic violence

The Council gives advice to the Attorney-General of Queensland Government, when asked to, about sentencing.

We have been asked to review some aspects of sexual and domestic violence sentencing in Queensland.

The first aspect of sentencing we will review is how sexual assault and rape offences are sentenced.

We will also review two important changes that were made to the law in 2015 and 2016 affecting sentencing for domestic violence offences in Queensland.

This Terms of Reference document explains what we will review and report on in detail.

Next steps

Soon, we will call for preliminary feedback to help us identify the key issues we need to look at during the initial stages of the review.

Key dates

We will complete this work in two stages.

We will review sentencing of sexual violence and deliver a final report to the Attorney-General on 16 September 2024.

We will review the aggravating factor for domestic violence offences at the same time and deliver a final report to government on 30 September 2025.

In our final reports, we will tell the government if we think changes should be made to improve how sexual and domestic violence offences are sentenced.

We will also tell the Attorney-General how we think these changes could be done.

The government might agree with us and make these changes. Or the government might not agree with us, and not make any changes.

Supporting information

Terms of reference

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