Our Sentencing Spotlight focuses on the offence of manslaughter as defined under section 303 of the Criminal Code and shows:

  • a total of 224 offenders were sentenced for manslaughter as their most serious offence
  • 216 were adults and 8 were aged under 17 years at the time of the offence
  • all offenders sentenced for manslaughter received a custodial penalty. The vast majority (92.0%) received an immediate prison sentence, with the remaining offenders receiving either a partially suspended sentence (6.2%) or a wholly suspended sentence (1.8%)
  • 8 years was the most common period of imprisonment imposed
  • the majority of offenders sentenced for manslaughter were male (83.5%)
  • the average age of offenders at time of sentencing was 34.3 years; the average age of male offenders was 33.9 years and female offenders 36.7 years
  • in the majority of cases (70.5%) the offender was known to the victim in some way
  • the majority of offenders entered a plea of guilty (75.5%)
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders comprised 21.4% of offenders.

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