Possession of dangerous drugs

Some of the sentencing outcomes our research found for the offence of possession of dangerous drugs included:

  • a total of 151,186 offenders were sentenced for possession of a dangerous drug — 98,414 offenders as their most serious offence (MSO) and 52,772 offenders had another offence as their MSO
  • the average age of offenders at sentencing was 30.7 years
  • most offenders were male (78.8%)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders made up 9.4% of total offenders
  • the majority of offenders pleaded guilty (97.1%)
  • the majority of offenders received a non-custodial sentence (93.2%), of which 56.4% received a fine ($554.60 average)
  • the number of drug possession offences as MSO more than doubled from 2005–06 to 2015–16.

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