Access keys

How to access certain information using your keyboard.

Spam filters (blocked emails)

Spam is an inappropriate attempt to use email, or another networked communications facility, by sending the same message to numerous people who didn't ask for it. To the receiver, it usually seems like junk email.

Spam filters help you block unsolicited and unwanted emails (spam) but they can also prevent legitimate email messages from getting to your email inbox. Spam filters may be blocking your QSAC eAlert e-newsletter.

To ensure that you receive our e-newsletter follow the below help guidelines:

1. If your organisations’ network has a firewall, please check with your IT department that you will be able to receive news sent from the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council. Some firewalls will bounce email messages sent to a list.

2. If you are using spam filter software (e.g. spamguard), you need to manually add the email address ( and/or our domain name to your list of accepted email addresses within the spam filter software. This procedure is commonly called 'whitelisting'.

3. Please do not enter a non-existent or invalid email address - we can only send emails to valid email addresses.

4. If the domain name of your email address is long - please double check the address you have entered to ensure that it has been spelt correctly, has the right dots and/or dashes, and the @ symbol in the right location.

5. Adjust your spam filter settings with your web based email provider. Most email providers e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, BigPond etc., provide help instructions to update and adjust your email filters on your account.