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The Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council provides independent research and advice, seeks public views and promotes community understanding of sentencing matters.

New podcast: Measuring public opinion on sentencing

The judiciary are often criticised for being ‘soft on crime’ but what do people who have all the courtroom evidence think?

Jurors hear the same facts as judges and magistrates. In this edition of our Sentencing Matters podcast we talk to Tasmania Governor Professor Kate Warner who has run several jury studies to see if they think the courts are out of touch with community attitudes.

Professor Warner talks about how the research was carried out, the questions that were asked of jurors and how the study has progressed from Tasmania to Victoria and now to a national study looking at sexual and violence offences.

She reveals the results of the surveys and discusses the merit of sentencing remark summaries being published by Australian courts to help educate the public about the sentencing process.

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Every week in Queensland, our courts sentence people who have broken the law. But have you ever wondered how judges and magistrates decide what sentences to give? It’s complex.

We offer free, interactive Judge for Yourself sessions to schools and community groups — designed to show Queenslanders there’s more to sentencing than is often shown in their favourite crime show or the nightly news bulletin.

The sessions provide a valuable and authentic insight into the criminal justice system and the complex task of sentencing offenders.

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