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The Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council provides independent research and advice, seeks public views and promotes community understanding of sentencing matters.

New: Sentencing Spotlight on…breach of bail offences

The number of offenders sentenced for breach of bail has more than doubled since 2005, increasing year-on-year from 2008.

The average offender is a 30-year-old male. Of all offenders, 95% plead guilty to the breach. The report shows 4 out of 5 offenders receive a non-custodial penalty, most likely a fine for adults (average fine $378) and a reprimand for young offenders.

These sentencing trends feature in the fifth edition of our Sentencing Spotlight series.

View Sentencing Spotlight on…breach of bail offences

Have your say: submissions extended

We have received 2 new Terms of Reference from the Queensland Attorney-General.

Sentencing for child homicide

We are calling for preliminary submissions for our review on sentencing for child homicide.

Our 12-month review will focus on sentencing for offences involving the unlawful death of a child and will:

  • analyse current sentencing practices and trends, including time ordered to be served in custody before offenders are eligible for parole
  • examine the approach to sentencing for child homicide offences in other Australian jurisdictions
  • consider whether current penalties imposed on sentence in Queensland adequately reflect the particular vulnerabilities of child victims
  • identify if legislative changes are required to ensure appropriate sentencing.

Read the Terms of Reference and make a submission by 24 December 2017.

Council marks first anniversary

The Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council has now been operational for a year.

During our inaugural 12-months, we have consulted extensively with the community and stakeholders across Queensland, created innovative resources and provided evidence-based advice on sentencing matters.

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