Intermediate sentencing options and parole

The Council is currently reviewing community-based sentencing, imprisonment and parole, as requested by the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Yvette D’Ath in October 2017.

The Terms of Reference are in response to recommendations in the 2016 Queensland Parole System Review Final Report (Sofronoff Report). In addition, we will review current sentencing and parole legislation, including the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 and the Corrective Services Act 2006 to see if there are any laws that create inconsistency or constrain sentencing options available to a court.

Want to have your say?

As part of the project’s consultation phase, the Council is calling for submissions on its options paper — the report outlines a range of options for significant change within the criminal justice system.

You are invited to make a submission based on:

Preparing submissions

The Council’s options paper raises questions in relation to key issues that reflect the Terms of Reference provided by the Attorney-General. It also presents potential options for reform.

We would prefer submissions to be in writing, but please contact us for alternatives if you do not wish to send a written submission. You are invited to respond to some or all of the questions and options presented. To assist in analysing responses, please identify the relevant option and question number/s in your submission. Try to keep your responses succinct and focused on the topic you are responding to. If you wish to provide attachments please indicate which option or question your attachment relates to.

Make a submission


You will need to attach your submission document when submitting online.

Submit online


To submit via email, please include ‘Intermediate sentencing options and parole’ in the subject line of your email.

Please complete and include a submission form and email your submission to


Please complete and include a submission form and post your submission to:

Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council
GPO Box 2360
Brisbane Qld 4001

How your submission will be used

All submissions received in response to the options paper, as well as additional consultation conducted with key stakeholders, will inform the Council’s response to the Terms of Reference. A final report with recommendations will be provided to the Attorney-General and released publicly in August 2019.

Generally, submissions will be considered public and published on the Council’s website unless clearly marked ‘confidential’.

Public submissions may be published on the Council’s website, but with personal information redacted to protect the privacy of those making the submission.

Submissions marked as ‘anonymous’ will have all identifying details removed (including the name or names of those making the submission) prior to publication.

The Council does not publish submissions that are received anonymously (that is, that do not include the name and contact details of the person making them).

Submissions marked ‘confidential’ will not be published or directly quoted in publications. Confidential submissions will be used for informing the Council’s work only.