Sentencing Matters podcast launches

Media release

23 March 2017

Punishment and sentencing are explored in the first Sentencing Matters podcast launched today by the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council.

Sentencing Matters informs, engages and advises on sentencing issues in Queensland, nationally and internationally.

Host and council deputy chair Elena Marchetti is joined by Rebecca Wallis, a researcher at the Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University, to discuss the principles and purposes of sentencing in Queensland.

Elena Marchetti said: “Judges and magistrates don’t pluck sentences out of thin air—it’s actually a very complex process.

“They follow the law as set out in the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 and have to take into consideration a wide range of issues including any relevant Court of Appeal decisions about sentencing factors or sentences given for similar offences.

“It’s like a ‘toolbox’ of rules that they need to follow when deciding on the unique penalty for each individual case.”

Rebecca shares her insights on sentencing considerations such as the role of case law, sentencing factors for specific offences and fair procedure.

She also discusses the range of penalty options and assesses whether they achieve their purpose.

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