Serious violent offences scheme review

We are reviewing the serious violent offences (SVO) scheme in the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 in response to Terms of Reference issued to us in early April 2021, by the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, the Honourable Shannon Fentiman MP.

We are to report on our findings and recommendations by 11 April 2022.

Preliminary feedback closed

The opportunity to provide preliminary feedback about the SVO scheme has now closed.

Feedback provided will help to identify key issues to be explored in more detail in an Issues Paper planned for release in September in response to the Terms of Reference.

How to submit late feedback

If you have missed the deadline, we still welcome your feedback but we may not be able to consider this until later in the review.

Please email your comments to, or write to:

Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council
GPO Box 2360
Brisbane QLD 4001

Terms of Reference

Read or download the Terms of Reference which describe the scope for our review.

What is the SVO scheme?

The SVO scheme was introduced in 1997 to respond to concerns about community safety and serious violent crime.

Learn more about the SVO scheme by reading our fact sheet (PDF, 617.4 KB).