Our Research and Statistics team conducts research and undertakes statistical analyses to inform the community about sentencing.

The outcomes of our research are published to build an evidence-base about sentencing in Queensland.

Icon of a group of people.Profile series

This series investigates sentencing trends and patterns for specific groups of people in Queensland.

Icon of a bar chart with a trajectory arrow above.Sentencing trends

Our sentencing trends pages explore sentencing data over time. You can explore trends for adult offenders and children using our interactive graphs.

Icon of a spotlight.Sentencing Spotlight series

The Sentencing Spotlight series summarises the sentencing outcomes of matters finalised in Queensland courts for specific offences.

Icon of a bar chart flying in from the left.Sentencing @ a glance

Our Sentencing @ a glance fact sheets provide high level statistics about sentencing for particular offence categories.

Icon of three cogs.Technical paper

Our technical paper (PDF, 340.8 KB) explains important terminology, data sources, counting rules and methodologies for our research publications.