Criminal Code

The following table gives examples of offences and maximum penalties (years of imprisonment) that apply under the Criminal Code (Qld).

Maximum penalty



Affray ⋅ breaching a restraining order to do with a stalking charge


Going armed to cause fear ⋅ threatening violence (simpliciter; without a circumstance of aggravation) ⋅ indecent acts ⋅ negligent acts causing harm


Riot (simpliciter) ⋅ false declarations ⋅ observations or recordings in breach of privacy ⋅ distributing intimate image or prohibited visual recordings, or threatening to do so ⋅ dangerous operation of a vehicle (simpliciter) ⋅ common assault ⋅ deprivation of liberty ⋅ leaving a child under 12 unattended ⋅ possession of things used in connection with unlawful entry (simpliciter) ⋅ forgery ⋅ uttering (simpliciter)


Unlawful drink spiking and simpliciter versions of grooming children under 16 ⋅ stalking ⋅ stealing ⋅ fraud ⋅ wilful damage


Official corruption (simpliciter) ⋅ attempting to pervert justice ⋅ procuring engagement in prostitution (simpliciter) ⋅ carrying on business of providing unlawful prostitution (simpliciter) ⋅ serious animal cruelty ⋅ choking ⋅ suffocation or strangulation in a domestic setting ⋅ wounding ⋅ assaults occasioning bodily harm (simpliciter) ⋅ serious assaults (simpliciter) ⋅ kidnapping ⋅  abduction of child under 16 ⋅ cruelty to children under 16 ⋅ unlawful use or possession of motor vehicles, aircraft or vessels (simpliciter) ⋅ receiving tainted property (simpliciter)


Using internet etc. to procure children under 16 (simpliciter) ⋅ taking child for immoral purposes (simpliciter) ⋅ assaults occasioning bodily harm (circumstances of aggravation) ⋅ sexual assaults (simpliciter) ⋅ entering or being in premises with intent to commit an indictable offence ⋅ unlawful entry of vehicle for committing indictable offence (simpliciter)


Some forms of aggravated unlawful use or possession of motor vehicles, aircraft or vessels


Perjury (simpliciter) ⋅ indecent treatment of children under 16 but aged 12 or older ⋅ carnal knowledge with/of child under 16 but aged 12 or older ⋅ procuring sexual acts by coercion etc ⋅ distributing/possessing child exploitation material (simpliciter) ⋅ administering child exploitation material website (simpliciter) ⋅ permitting young person etc to be at place used for prostitution ⋅ female genital mutilation ⋅ grievous bodily harm ⋅ torture ⋅ dangerous operation of a vehicle (most serious aggravating circumstances) ⋅ serious assaults (aggravated) ⋅ the most serious forms of aggravated stealing ⋅ various forms of aggravated fraud ⋅ robbery (simpliciter) ⋅ extortion (simpliciter) ⋅ burglary (simpliciter) ⋅ entering or being in premises and committing indictable offences ⋅ receiving tainted property (aggravating circumstances)


Indecent treatment of children under 12, or of child under 16 who is lineal descendant or under offender’s care or has an impairment of the mind ⋅ involving child in making child exploitation material (simpliciter) ⋅ the highest form of aggravated fraud


Involving child in making/making child exploitation material using hidden network or an anonymising service ⋅ sabotage (wilfully and unlawfully destroying/damaging a public facility with intent to cause major disruption to government functions or to the use of services by the public or major economic loss)


Carnal knowledge with/of child under 12, or of a child under 16 where offender is guardian but not lineal descendent or child has impairment of the mind ⋅ incest ⋅ murder (mandatory life) ⋅ attempted murder ⋅ accessory after the fact to murder ⋅  manslaughter ⋅ aiding suicide ⋅ unlawful striking causing death ⋅ disabling or stupefying in order to commit indictable offence ⋅ acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and other malicious acts ⋅ robbery with aggravation (armed, or in company, or wounds or uses any other personal violence to any person) ⋅ aggravated burglary in dwelling ⋅ entering or being in premises by break and committing indictable offence ⋅ arson ⋅ rape ⋅ maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 16 ⋅ most serious forms of aggravated sexual assaults and wilful damage ⋅ aggravated extortion

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