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New podcast: DFV specialist court trial

Listen to a conversation with Dr Christine Bond, Griffith University Deputy Head of School at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, who provides a snapshot of the evaluation into the specialist domestic and family violence court at Southport on the Gold Coast.

This court was the first of its kind in Queensland, offering dedicated magistrates, police prosecutors, defence lawyers and support officers for both the aggrieved and perpetrators, with expertise in domestic and family violence issues.

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Sentencing Seminar: What happened with Jake?

Tuesday 26 September —  The Ship Inn Function Centre, Griffith University South Bank Campus, 4.30pm

Young offenders are increasingly under the public spotlight. Considerable media attention is focused on juvenile crime and the perceived frequency with which young offenders seem to reoffend and return to court.

But with recent revelations about the treatment of some young people in detention centres, many members of the community, as well as politicians and policy makers, are wondering whether detention is the right response.

Presented in conjunction with Griffith University, our third Sentencing Seminar Series provides an opportunity to hear an expert panel, and a group of young people, discuss the life trajectory of a fictitious young person who has been involved with the criminal justice system from a young age.

We will run the hypothetical following the journey of Jake — a young man with a troubled past — from birth to his emergence as a juvenile offender.

What has happened in Jake’s life to lead him to where he is today, and what could have been done differently to help him make better life choices?

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Judge for Yourself education sessions

We offer free interactive Judge for Yourself sessions to Queensland students — providing a valuable and authentic insight into the criminal justice system and the complex task of sentencing offenders.

Available to high schools and universities delivering legal, justice and media studies programs within a two-hour drive of Brisbane, Judge for Yourself gives students a chance to hear the facts of a real court case and pass sentence on the offender. It provides educators with high-quality lesson content that enhances student learning about the court system.

Webinar sessions will be available shortly.

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