Community Connection Group

Our Community Connection Group (CCG) will help us understand the perspectives of people in regional, rural and remote communities about sentencing.

Applications have closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Successful applicants will be individually notified and we will announce them via our website and social media channels.

The CCG will act as a forum for consultation between the Council and regional, rural and remote communities of Queensland.

Members will:

  • provide information and advice on topical issues we raise
  • provide information and advice to feed into our work on Terms of Reference and other projects
  • seek information and advice on topical issues from agencies and service providers in their community
  • relay information to the community
  • proactively gather information and feedback to share with us
  • advise us about key issues or topics affecting their community
  • promote our work and assist in building public confidence in sentencing
  • discuss any other matters that the Council and the CCG agree should be discussed.


The CCG consists of a maximum of 24 members aged over 18 years. Members represent organisations and communities in geographically and demographically diverse regions.


We will hold meetings every six months by video conference. Members can attend in person if they are in Brisbane (depending on COVID restrictions).


The CCG is governed by the: