Strategic plan 2019-2021

Our vision

Queenslanders have confidence in sentencing.

Our mission

To provide independent expert research and advice, seek public views and promote community understanding of sentencing.

Our values

  • We recognise and prioritise the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to reduce their over-representation in the criminal justice system
  • We are professional, efficient and responsive
  • We listen to all views
  • We are open and transparent but maintain the confidentiality of individuals

Strategic Goals


  • Deliver on a well-designed and innovative sentencing research agenda
  • Collaborate with key partners, including nationally, to progress dialogue and understanding on key issues
  • Regularly scan the environment for emerging and contentious sentencing issues and determine appropriate responses


  • Extend the community engagement strategy to increase community understanding of sentencing, with a focus on connecting to the regions
  • Strengthen stakeholder networks to feed into the Council’s work
  • Work with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel to build a strong understanding of the implications of sentencing for first nations people


  • Respond effectively and professionally to all Terms of Reference
  • Publish resources that are informative, credible and accessible, including for particular cohorts of the community
  • Work with the media to build the Council’s role as a sentencing commentator

Key performance indicators


  • Terms of reference delivery—% of projects delivered on time
  • Number of products/publications


  • Expense budget

Engagement effectiveness

  • Feedback on Judge for Yourself sessions
  • Feedback on Sentencing Seminars
  • Number of invitations to speak
  • Percentage of papers accepted at conferences
  • Website and social media metrics
  • Stakeholder feedback

People, learning and development

  • Permanent full time equivalent staff
  • Number of attendances at professional development opportunities

Strategic Risk Areas

  • Service delivery
  • Reputational
  • Performance
  • Human Resources