Strategic plan 2020–2022

Our Strategic Plan 2020-22 describes the goals we have set, our values and key performance indicators set to measure our progress.

We are focused on, and committed to, our overarching vision that Queenslanders understand and have confidence in sentencing.

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Our vision

Queenslanders understand and have confidence in sentencing.

Our mission

To provide independent expert research and advice, seek public views and promote community understanding of sentencing.

Our values

First Nations Peoples Focus: We recognise and prioritise the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to reduce over-representation in Queensland’s criminal justice system.

Fairness: We respect and honour the dignity of the individual and recognise diversity.

Collaboration: We actively seek views and promote partnerships.

Integrity: We respect confidentiality while being impartial, independent, open and transparent.

Advise: Enhance the Council’s reputation as an authority on sentencing matters

  • Respond effectively and professionally to all Terms of Reference.
  • Participate in initiatives across the criminal justice system to advise about sentencing matters.
  • Provide views to the Court of Appeal, if asked, about the giving or reviewing of a guideline judgment.

Engage: Engage effectively with others to gather views on sentencing

  • Deliver a communications and community engagement strategy that obtains views and increases understanding of sentencing, inclusive of regional and remote Queensland.
  • Strengthen stakeholder networks to enhance the Council’s work.
  • Work with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel to build a strong understanding of the implications of sentencing.

Inform: Ensure the community is well informed about sentencing in Queensland

  • Deliver on a well-designed and innovative sentencing research agenda and publish in an accessible way.
  • Collaborate with key partners to progress dialogue and understanding on key issues.
  • Scan the environment for emerging and contentious sentencing issues and determine appropriate responses.
  • Promote the Council’s role as a sentencing commentator.

Terms of reference

  • projects delivered on time
  • recommendations accepted

Stakeholder engagement

  • culturally appropriate resources for First Nations People
  • targeted consultation participation
  • conference and research presentations and papers

Stakeholder satisfaction

  • annual reputational survey

Community awareness

  • Judge for Yourself presentations and online interactions
  • media articles that cite QSAC or the work of QSAC
  • digital engagement
  • eAlert subscribers

Financial performance

  • services delivered within approved budget