Previous council

The Sentencing Advisory Council was established in Queensland in December 2010 as an independent statutory body under the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992. It was dismantled in 2012.

Former members

Geraldine Mackenzie

Geraldine Mackenzie (Chair)

Professor Mackenzie was Dean, Faculty of Law and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at Bond University at the time of the council’s operation, and is now the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Dean, Faculty of Law, Southern Cross University.

Nicholas Tucker

Nicholas Tucker (Deputy chair)

Mr Tucker was a barrister and held positions on the boards of the Protect All Children Today Foundation and the Mental Illness Foundation of Queensland before his death in October 2016.

John Allen

John Allen

Mr Allen has been the Public Defender at Legal Aid Queensland since 2011.

Kelvin Anderson

Kelvin Anderson

Mr Anderson was the Commissioner of Corrective Services at the time of his appointment, and went on to become chief executive officer of the Public Safety Business Agency before his recent retirement.

Bob Atkinson

Bob Atkinson AO APM

Mr Atkinson was the Queensland Commissioner of Police between 2000 and 2012. Mr Atkinson has gone on to be a commissioner with the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

Jonty Bush

Jonty Bush

Ms Bush was the former chief executive officer of the Queensland Homicide Victim's Support Group and is a long-term victim advocate. She currently works for the Office of the Public Guardian.

Kevin Cocks

Kevin Cocks AM

Mr Cocks was the chief executive officer of Queensland Advocacy Incorporated when he was appointed to the council, and is now the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner of Queensland.

Bob Colless

Bob Colless

Uncle Bob was deputy chair and manager of Gumba Gumba, the Cairns and District Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Elders.

Beryl Crosby

Beryl Crosby

Ms Crosby was the president and spokesperson for the Bundaberg Hospital Patient Support Group.

Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter SC

Mr Hunter is one of Queensland's leading criminal barristers and has extensive experience practising in the criminal law area.

Christy McGuire

Christy McGuire

Ms McGuire was the coordinator of the Zig Zag Young Women's Resource Centre at the time of her appointment to the council.

Tony Moynihan

Tony Moynihan SC

Mr Moynihan was the Director of Public Prosecutions between 2008 and 2015, and has since been appointed as Judge of the District Court of Queensland.

Former projects

Standard non-parole periods

In October 2010, the Queensland Government announced its intention to introduce minimum standard non-parole periods in Queensland to:

  • meet community and government expectations in relation to sentencing for serious violent and sexual offences
  • increase community confidence in the criminal justice system, and
  • promote consistency and transparency in sentencing for serious violent offences and sexual offences.

The Attorney-General asked the Council to make recommendations on which offences should attract a minimum standard non-parole period and the appropriate period for each offence.

The Council recommended the scheme apply to offenders convicted on indictment of a serious offence against the person or a sexual offence, and be sentenced to between 5 and 10 years imprisonment. Offenders would serve a minimum of 65% of their prison sentence before being eligible to apply for parole.

Child sexual offences

In July 2011, the Attorney-General asked the Council to review sentences imposed on offenders of child sexual offending aged 17 years and over and consider what, if any, impact legislative reform has had on sentencing practices and the sentences imposed for child sexual offences.

The Council recommended:

  • strengthening legislation for the sentencing of child sexual offences
  • ongoing education for judges, magistrates and others involved in sentencing of child sexual offenders in Queensland.

These publications were released as part of the project:

Sentencing profiles

The Council started work on a series of research papers looking at previously unpublished information on sentencing for different groups of offenders and for particular offences in Queensland.

Queensland Court Outcomes 2006–10 (PDF, 722.7 KB) provides an overview of sentencing activity and outcomes for adult criminal defendants in the Queensland courts. The profile includes information on the number and demographic characteristics of sentenced offenders, types of offences sentenced and sentencing outcomes.

Annual report

View the Sentencing Advisory Council annual report 2010–11 (PDF, 6.5 MB).