Strategic plan 2021–2022

Our Strategic Plan 2021-22 describes our vision for sentencing in Queensland – that it is just, and that the community understands sentencing.

With our purpose and values directing us, our plan outlines how we will engage with and serve the community to achieve our goals.

Download a copy (PDF, 95.9 KB)


Just sentencing and community understanding.


To inform, engage and advise the community and government about sentencing in Queensland.


  • Evidence-based justice, fairness and service to the community
  • Respect, promote and enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience and culture
  • Honest, transparent communication and collaboration
  • Diversity, equality, recognition, respect
  • Integrity and confidentiality

Inform: Promote community understanding of sentencing

  • Deliver well-designed and innovative sentencing products and make them accessible.
  • Collaborate with key partners to progress dialogue and understanding on key issues.
  • Scan the environment for emerging and contentious sentencing issues and respond.
  • Promote our role as a sentencing commentator.

Engage: Engage effectively to gather views on sentencing

  • Deliver an engagement strategy, inclusive of regional and remote Queensland.
  • Strengthen stakeholder networks to enhance our work.
  • Work collaboratively with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel.

Advise: Provide evidence-based advice on sentencing

  • Respond effectively and professionally to all Terms of Reference.
  • Participate in initiatives across the criminal justice system to advise about sentencing.
  • Provide views to the Court of Appeal, if asked, about guideline judgments.


  • Terms of Reference delivered on time
  • Number of recommendations accepted
  • We consider sentencing impact on First Nations peoples
  • Number of products designed with, about and for First Nations peoples
  • Annual feedback on quality
  • Judge for Yourself and online interactions
  • Number of media and other articles that cite our work
  • Social media reach
  • Inform subscribers
  • Services delivered within budget


  • Increased public confidence in sentencing
  • Diverse community views incorporated into sentencing reform
  • Sentencing reform based on evidence
  • Sentencing reform responds to the needs and experiences of First Nations peoples